Autodesk 3DS Max

Model your vision down to the last detail

3ds Max offers a rich and flexible toolset to create premium designs with full artistic control.

  • Create massive worlds in games
  • Visualize high-quality architectural renderings
  • Model finely detailed interiors and objects
  • Bring characters and features to life with animation and VFX

3ds Max modeling, rendering, and animation software

Produce professional-quality 3D animations, renders, and models with 3ds Max® software. An efficient and flexible toolset to help you create better 3D content in less time.

1. Spline workflows

Create and animate geometry in several intuitive ways with enhanced spline tools.

2. Open shading language support

Create or use pre-existing procedural OSL maps with any supported renderer.

3. Chamfer modifier

Create best-in-class procedural edge modeling details with simple and precise tools.

4. Automated retopology and mesh repair

Automatically optimize the geometry of high-resolution models to create a clean, quad-based mesh geometry.

5. Material, texture, and color editor

Apply material finishes, change textures, and use vibrant colors to make your designs photorealistic.

6. Smart Extrude

Interactively extrude faces of 3D objects. Rebuild and stitch together adjacent faces automatically.

7. Mesh and surface modeling

Create parametric and organic objects with polygon, subdivision surface, and spline-based modeling features.

8. NEW | Baking to texture

Streamlined, intuitive, and fully scriptable texture baking experience.

9. NEW | Weighted normals modifier

Built-in weighted normal calculator that can be directly applied to 3D models allowing you to create precise designs.

System requirements for Autodesk 3ds Max 2022

Autodesk 3ds Max 2022 software is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum, requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware:

Operating System 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 10. See Autodesk’s Product Support Lifecycle for support information.
Browser Autodesk recommends the latest version of the following web browsers for access to online supplemental content:

  • Microsoft® Edge
  • Google Chrome™
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®
  • Mozilla® Firefox®


CPU 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with the SSE4.2 instruction set
Graphics Hardware Refer to 3ds Max Certified Hardware for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards
RAM 4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB or more recommended)
Disk Space 9 GB of free disk space for install
Pointing Device Three-button mouse