Autodesk FormIt Pro

FormIt is an intuitive 3D sketching tool for the conceptual design phase

Design anywhere, anytime within a simple and powerful design environment.

  • Make informed design decisions with site context, solar impact, and energy analysis.
  • Connect conceptual designs to BIM workflows with native Revit integration.

What’s new in FormIt Pro?

3D sketch and send to Revit with FormIt Pro (video: 1:02 min.)

Get improved interoperability between FormIt Pro and Revit. Directly import FormIt files into Revit projects.

  • Create roundtrip workflows for greater design exploration with more intuitive modeling capabilities of FormIt.
  • Toggle between early and later design phases with smoother workflows that enable 3D sketching and more detailed documentation work.

FormIt features

1. Integrated energy analysis

Make informed design decisions earlier in the process with Insight energy analysis.

2. Design with intelligence

Explore parametric conceptual designs with an improved FormIt/Dynamo connection.

3. Improved visualization and materials

Find sample materials easily through the built-in Material Library.

4. Massing studies for programming

Create massing studies in FormIt, then use Revit for quantification and presentation.

5. Use real-world context

Bring 3D terrain and roadway information into FormIt with Infraworks.

6. Sketch in 3D, anywhere

Design on an iPad with clients, on-site, or anywhere inspiration strikes.

System requirements for Autodesk FormIt

FormIt is a free, cloud-based 3D conceptual design tool for architects and designers. It runs natively on most web browsers and iPads.

The following applies both generally to FormIt and specifically to FormIt Pro:

Platform System Requirements

Users can optionally run FormIt Pro on either or all of the following:

  • Microsoft® Windows (Minimum System Requirements for Windows)
  • iOS (iPad only)
  • Chrome or Firefox browsers (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)
Minimum System Requirements
  • iOS version 8.0 or higher (iPad only)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox