Kaspersky Password Manager

Your passwords and docs – are always on hand

Keep your passwords and documents in a secure private vault – and access them with one click from all your devices.

  1. Convenient: organize your data so it’s ready to use the moment you need it
  2. Secure: create unique passwords for your accounts, keep them in an encrypted vault & monitor password security in real-time
  3. Efficient: Save time with technology that auto-fills your logins and auto-completes online forms

Your digital activities made simple

Besides remembering your passwords, Kaspersky Password Manager makes your life easier in other ways too.
1. Convenience:- Fed up of carrying physical documents around? This way, what you need is only ever a couple of taps away.
2. Security:- Do you have easy-to-guess or duplicate passwords? Create & store strong ones for all your accounts.
3. Efficiency:- Tired of manually filling out login fields & online forms? Our technology does it automatically to save you time.
4. Synchronization:- Do you use multiple devices? We sync all your information across all your devices so you can access it anywhere, anytime.