Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal

All our security apps. At your fingertips.

Access our entire family of apps for your desktops and mobiles. From antivirus to privacy and performance tools, pick what you want to stay safe from threats like malware, spyware and hackers. Enjoy exclusive features:

  • Check your online accounts for data leaks
  • Monitor your home Wi-Fi for intruders
  • Learn when HDD problems put your files at risk

Comprehensive threat protection

Our triple-layer security works 24/7 to guard your PC and data. It blocks common and complex threats like viruses, malware, spy apps, ransomware, plus defends your home network from hackers.
  1. Proactive detection:- Searches out Windows vulnerabilities & threats real-time protection:-
  2. Real-time protection:- Blocks cyber threats before they take hold
  3. Instant neutralization:- Isolates & removes immediate dangers