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The SketchUp Pro 2022 Subscription bundle is a termed license for a named individual. SketchUp Pro Subscription Licenses can be purchased in one, two and three year terms.

Sketchup Pro 2022

In case you want to create amazing worlds on a computer through 2D or 3D modeling, then a tool like Sketchup Pro 2022 can help you a lot. Right from the start, this is a tool designed to not only push the experience to new heights, but it also conveys an incredible quality and attention to detail. If you buy Sketchup Pro 2022 online from companies like Dolphin Computers, you will be amazed not only with the efficiency and support, but also with the quality and incredible value.

Sketchup Pro 2022 is a desktop modeler that helps bring your imagination to life. What it does is it allows you to access some of the top tier 3D modeling and it also involves intuitive tools to make that happen. You can also iterate in 3D, which is very helpful and convenient. To make things even better, you can work through the ideas in 3D spaces and create the projects you want without worries. The models are accurate and with incredible detail, which is exactly what makes it so amazing and easy to use.

There are other features that make Sketchup Pro 2022 interesting too. Once you buy Sketchup Pro 2022 online in India, you will notice this has interoperability. It also has a set of extensions that you can add in order to further adapt this tool to your needs. In addition, it helps you work smart and fast with your projects, while eliminating concerns and making things a lot more cohesive. It also has the ability to generate reports and customize the look and feel of the interface for your own needs.

What’s New in SketchUp 2022

Introducing PreDesign
This is a new early-stage research tool that provides designers of buildings, outside spaces, and master plans with the information they need to properly factor climate insights into their initial concepts. PreDesign improves the end result by better informing designers with accurate information to influence preliminary solutions.

Live Components
A new configurable type of object for SketchUp, Live Components, are available for all users to find, download and configure within SketchUp. These can be accessed by opening 3D Warehouse and navigating to the collection of models hosted by SketchUp Labs (more on this below).

Simply choose an object and insert it into your model. When editing a Live Component, you can control the parameters, but unlike Dynamic Components, these redraw themselves as you make adjustments.

These components are a great fit for SketchUp because their capabilities scale to fit a broad range of important user jobs (e.g. architectural configuration, space planning, rapid iteration of concept). In 2022, Trimble aims for both increased live component functionality within SketchUp, and the roll-out of live component authoring tools for subscribers.

Better Model Organisation
‘Tag Folders’ make life easier for designers who maintain large and complex models with lots of tags and scenes. With these new Tag Folders, you can organise and catalog tags based on attributes, building levels, or design options. This feature is also available in LayOut, allowing users to toggle bigger chunks of a model viewport when creating in 2D.

‘Tag Filtering’ helps with searching for tags in your model, and to quickly control individual tag visibility, make tag-based selections in the modeling window, or edit tag properties and styling. If you have long tag lists organised with a particular naming hierarchy, tag filtering will rapidly speed up the creation of folders allowing you to filter down to a prefix and add the tags you’re looking for.

With this 12 month subscription of SketchUp you get:

  • The SketchUp Pro desktop app
  • LayOut for 2D work
  • A Lower Upfront Cost
  • SketchUp for Web (Premium)
  • SketchUp Viewer for Mobile AR Features
  • SketchUp Viewers for XR
  • Trimble Connect for Business
  • Pro Content at

Trimble Connect for Business
Trimble Connect is a cloud storage and collaboration platform accessible via desktop, mobile, web and mixed reality devices. It allows users to share and access project information anywhere, with collaboration tools including 3D markup, task assignment and clash checking. Connect supports Autodesk, Tekla, and SketchUp file formats, plus point clouds, PDF, images, IFC, Microsoft Office files and more for collaboration across disparate teams and functions.

The Trimble Connect app for XR (HoloLens and MagicLeap) allows users to experience models in augmented reality in tabletop mode or at 1:1 scale; models can be aligned with real-world reference points for an immersive experience.

SketchUp Viewer for Mobile AR Content
SketchUp Viewer for Mobile was made free for everyone in 2018, with the option to add paid AR functionality; these paid features are included with the SketchUp Pro bundle.

SketchUp Viewer for Mobile opens models from 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect or other online storage apps. View and present models with the familiar orbit, pan, and zoom tools. The viewer also supports scenes, fly-through animations, section planes, layer visibility, X-Ray, and edge and face styles.

AR features enable users to merge 3D models with real-world context; allowing them to reimagine room layouts, evaluate proposals in context or review projects as they would a scale model.

SketchUp Viewers for XR (AR/VR)
Subscribers to the SketchUp Pro bundle will have access to the full range of viewers for mixed reality devices: Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality devices; and virtual reality devices: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

With SketchUp XR Viewers, users can immerse themselves in a project at 1:1 scale to experience, understand or resolve complex spatial dynamics. Cycling through scenes within a model facilitates rapid design decisions and can show construction sequencing. Teams may collaborate via live audio; virtual avatars represent a colleague’s point of view, allowing them to be more easily guided. Tools such as Tape Measure and Entity Info provide insights when needed. On AR devices, alignment with real-world reference points allows digital models to be placed in-situ.

SketchUp for Web

Subscribers to the Pro bundle are given access to the premium features of SketchUp’s browser-based modeller. Without support for extensions, SketchUp for Web is not for the true power user—but the core modelling tools are available on any device. With Trimble Connect and SketchUp for Web, a user isn’t required to carry their hardware everywhere they go to showcase conceptual designs to a client.

The premium web modeller includes the following features that are not available in SketchUp Free: Export to DWG/DXF/PDF/TIF/3DS/FBX/OBJ/XSI, Outliner, Solid Tools, and custom styles/materials.

Improved customisation of your drawings
You can now take your LayOut documents to the next level with different models and views. If you have one SketchUp model that exists across several viewports, you can now re-link just one of those viewports to another SketchUp model. Previously, you had to delete that viewport, insert a new SKP model, and reset all your scale settings and viewport sizing.

You also have the ability to toggle Tag visibility within your LayOut document. Now you don’t have to create extra scenes just for your LayOut files, which will save you a lot of time going back and forth between LayOut and SketchUp.

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