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About Info Creations

A Trusted Name in IT Solutions

Info Creations is delivering technology tools in the Indian market for more than 20Year. Focusing on IT Infrastructure, noticing a rapid change, we enable organisations to move to a dynamic software procurement making business scalable and future-ready



Software Solutions

Info Creations is one of the growing Software Solution & Trading firms in the Indian market.

Technology Solutions

Info Creations has been delivering technology tools in the Indian market for more than 20Year.

Software Consultancy

Info Creations is one of the well-established and largest software resellers in India specializing in Marketing & supporting the leading software Brands

Support Service

We have been providing support and software solutions to multi-locational offices across India.

Global Marketplace

To transform businesses based in India into technologically empowered, globally competitive enterprises by equipping them with advanced IT technologies and solutions.

Custom Application Development

We have close associations with renowned software companies in India. Among our assets, we hold strategic partnerships with Adobe®, Autodesk, Video Studio, COREL, Microsoft, Pinnacle, Wacom etc.