Autodesk InfraWorks

Understand your project in the context of the real world

InfraWorks® conceptual design software lets architecture, engineering, and construction professionals model, analyze, and visualize infrastructure design concepts within the context of the built and natural environment—improving decision making and accelerating project approvals.

Optimize designs and communicate with immersive visualizations

AEC Collection VR 
  • Visually explore conceptual design options in context.
  • Use analysis and simulation tools to explore important aspects of your project.
  • Generate compelling and immersive visual experiences to communicate design intent.


With InfraWorks® civil infrastructure conceptual design software, you can efficiently layout design options, determine project feasibility, and align on a vision with key project stakeholders earlier in the project.

1. Theme palettes

Visually classify assets according to attributes.

2. Cross-section views

Assess superelevation, road assembly, and cut-and-fill engineering details of your road design in cross-section form.

3. Component roads

Design roads with curbs, lanes, shoulders. Create parametric models in Inventor and add them to the component road design.

4. Roadside grading

Vary the slopes and the materials applied to different sections of roadside grading.

5. Roundabout design

Easily convert an intersection into a roundabout style.

6. Component-based bridge design

Edit bridge decks and girders independently of other bridge components.

System requirements for Autodesk InfraWorks

System requirements for Autodesk InfraWorks
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 10 64-bit Enterprise or Pro
CPU Type Dual-core Intel® Core™2 or equivalent AMD processor (Quad-core Intel® Core™ i7, 6-core Intel® Xeon®, or better processor highly recommended); to use the ray-traced rendering functionality, CPU must support SSE 4.1
Memory 8 GB RAM minimum (16+ GB recommended)
Display Resolution 1,280 x 720 or greater (1,440 x 900+ recommended)
Display Card Any DirectX® 10.1 capable graphics card with 2 GB (or more) graphics memory, supporting 8x Antialiasing (8x AA), such as NVIDIA Quadro® 5000 or 6000 for desktops and NVIDIA Quadro 2000M or GeForce® GT 650M for laptops; (Any DirectX 10.1 capable graphics card with 1 GB graphics memory supporting 2x antialiasing (2x AA) minimum)
Disk Space 16 GB
Pointing Device Microsoft-compliant mouse
Media DVD or download file
Browser Google Chrome™ (latest), or Firefox® (latest)
Internet Internet connection for full online help and learning materials accessibility and Autodesk® Cloud services

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