CorelDraw Graphics Suite

Start your design journey on the right foot with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite: a complete suite of professional graphic design applications for vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and more – specifically designed for your platform of choice.

Our competitive advantage

  • All-in-one design and layout
  • Alternative licensing models
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Subscription savings
  • Native OS experience
  • Obligation-free trial
  • Easy to learn & use
  • Extensive file compatibility


1. Dynamic asset management

Ensure you’re always working with the most current assets, thanks to an impressive new asset management workflow. Create a single source of truth for design assets by sharing symbols across projects and with teams, and syncing updates when changes are made by you or others.

2. Time-saving typography

Cut out the steps to creating head-turning typography with direct access to over a thousand Google Fonts families in Corel Font Manager. Effortlessly browse, search, and preview the Google Fonts library, which includes a number of new variable fonts, without having to install the fonts you want to use.

3. Next-generation collaboration

Enough wasted time already! Stay connected with colleagues and clients as remote work becomes our new normal.

  • Gather real-time comments and annotations from one or many contributors, right within your shared CorelDRAW design file.
  • An intuitive new project dashboard makes storing, organizing and sharing cloud files a breeze.
  • An enhanced Comments docker streamlines filtering through feedback with the ability to search reviewer comments.

Tech Specs


  1. Windows 11 or Windows 10*, 64-bit, with latest Updates
  2. Intel Core i3/5/7/9 or AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9/Threadripper, EPYC
  3. OpenCL 1.2-enabled video card with 3+ GB VRAM
  4. 4 GB RAM (8+ GB or more recommended)
  5. 4.3 GB available hard disk space for application and installation files
  6. Multi-touch screen, mouse, or tablet
  7. 1280 x 720 screen resolution at 100% (96 dpi)
  8. DVD drive optional (for box installation);
    Installation from DVD requires a download of up to 700 MB
  9. Internet connection is required to install and authenticate CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and access some of the included software components, online features, and content.

Who’s it for?

Enjoyed by diverse designers, industries, and businesses worldwide, from marketing, commerce and sign making, to engineering, manufacturing, and more.

  1. Graphics and creative professionals
    Design logos, brochures, sales and marketing materials, training tools, and other detailed visuals for web or print.
  2. Production professionals
    Produce signage, large-format prints, vehicle wraps, apparel and textile design, embroidery, schematics, engraving, and much more.
  3. Occasional graphics users in businesses
    Create or manipulate visually-rich projects for in-house use, from web graphics and sales presentations, to sell sheets and visual aids.

Core Features

  • Vector illustration
    Turn basic lines and shapes into complex works of art, and create curves with a robust drawing toolbox for professional design. Add creative effects with tools like Contour, Envelope, Mesh Fill, Impact, and more.
  • Page layout
    Find all the tools you need to create layouts for brochures, multi-page documents and more. Toggle between single page and multipage editing, giving you creative freedom to work the way you want.
  • Photo editing
    Adjust color and tone, remove imperfections, correct perspective and more with Corel PHOTO-PAINT’s powerful layer-based photo editing tools. Improve the size and quality of your images with artificial intelligence, and use AfterShot HDR to create stunning High Dynamic Range photos from your RAW images.
  • Typography
    Add effects to text like block shadows and contours, fine-tune fonts responsively, fit text to paths, and more, with a complete set of typography tools.
  • Collaboration
    Accelerate your creative process with a cloud-based collaboration workflow that offers a dramatically better way to connect with clients and colleagues on designs in real-time. Gather live comments and annotations from one or many contributors right within your CorelDRAW design file and resolve feedback simultaneously.
  • Web graphics tools
    Develop captivating web content with a collection of web graphics tools and presets. Ensure any graphic you export for the web has crisp edges, thanks to a series of pixel-perfect tools.
  • Professional print output
    Experience unconstrained control over output to all media types, with advanced printing options that put CorelDRAW ahead of the competition. With a powerful color management engine, you’ll have complete confidence that your colors are accurate before you print.

Competitive Advantages

All-in-one design and layout – Enjoy integrated functionality for graphic design and layout in one application.

Flexible, affordable purchasing- Subscribe to a full suite of professional graphic design applications for significantly less than the cost of subscribing to the leading competition. Or choose a perpetual license with maintenance to own your software outright.

Native OS experience –Create the way you’re used to on Windows or Mac, with award-winning software that’s been built from the ground up for your platform of choice.

Design anytime, anywhere – CorelDRAW is also available as a vector illustration iPad and web app, so you can access your work remotely when you’re not near your computer.

Easy to learn & use – Create confidently with a personalized in-app learning experience, bringing relevant tips and tutorials to your fingertips, based on the tools you select, how you work, and what you want to see.

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