Pinnacle Studio 26

  • Your gateway to advanced video editing software loaded with powerful tools, an intuitive interface, and creative titles, transitions, filters, and effects that deliver quality productions—all with incredible stability and performance
  • Jumpstart a new project with a themed template or easily combine photos and videos across a six-track timeline, then fine-tune every parameter of your production with enhanced keyframe editing and management
  • Tap into tools for Stop Motion Animation, Selective Color, Split Screen Video, Screen Recording, and MultiCam Editing to take your edits to the next level
  • Download and Install
  • Produce cinema-quality sound by layering video and audio tracks, adjusting the volume, adding fade effects, recording voiceover, and tapping into royalty-free music and sound effects

Pinnacle Studio 26

Pinnacle Studio evolve

impress your audience

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Explore flexible video editing with Pinnacle Studio 26—your gateway to creating pro-caliber productions. Get a first-hand look at the editing process and discover for yourself what is possible with this incredible editor. Combine photos and videos across the multi-track timeline and customize effects with keyframe precision. Create custom titles and motions with the enhanced Title Editor, and explore hundreds of filters and effects to help your videos stand out. Make easy edits, correct imperfections, and let your creativity shine with tools for Stop Motion Animation, Selective Color, Screen Recording, and multi-camera editing. When you’re finished, easily share your final projects online, export to popular file format, or burn to disc with custom menus. Bring out your inner editor with Pinnacle Studio.

Buy Pinnacle Studio 26 (Standard) Online in India

Pinnacle Studio 26 (Standard) is one of the most popular video editing software. It is well accepted for video editing needs by both hobbyists as well as professional’s across the globe.

In terms of price, this software is much affordable than other video editing software’s, people who buy Pinnacle Studio 26 online can get more advantage because it has a more comprehensive interface and features that make it more impressive. Now, we can customize video creation with the help of dynamic video masking. It provides incredible effects, enhancements, and layering templates. Besides this, with Pinnacle Studio 26, we can do a lot of transformations. Even, we can also transform each section of the frame freely and independently. Furthermore, the latest update has significantly improved the masking tool. And, the Smart Edge tool has a lot of adjustment options that allow you to select and mask the object in any video clip with ease.

With the new title editor in Pinnacle Studio 26, the text graphic options have been greatly expanded. If you buy Pinnacle Studio 26 (Standard) online in India you can edit titles directly in the main video preview, which is a nice improvement over having to open a separate window previously. The degree of control over the titles is astounding. You can use keyframes to not only animate your names but also to add animation to particular words or letters within a title. You can animate graphics with your names, such as a lower thirds box to frame a caption, and you can apply and sync a light source with 3D title editing.

Moreover, you can upgrade your editing control over video clips, pictures, and backgrounds with the latest keyframing tools. Yet, this software provides you with in-depth keyframing controls. It is really helpful in creating stunning video creations or projects with precise sizes and positions.

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